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Search Engine Optimisation Marketing Australia (SEO).

Search Engine Optimisation Marketing Australia (SEO).

Returns on Your Marketing Investment.

I will endeavour to return your enquiry as soon as possible. I might be on site on a clients Safari Lodge, a wildlife photography tour as a guide, in another country on a special project, in transit or volunteering at Evanjáfrica in Mozambique.

Current clients can contact my support here and will receive immediate attention.

New clients are only taken on once I have conducted a personal review of your business needs. Please allow a week  for the analysis and feedback.

I do take on small business clients who are in desperate need as a community service. This includes non for profits and charities. Please contact me here.

If you interested in the African Digital Volunteer Army, Giving Rural Africans a digital voice, this project will be up and running in September 2015.

Volunteers required in Sydney.

Our Big Kitchen
Chapel by The Sea

Search Engine Optimisation Marketing Australia (SEO).
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I am a Conscious Capitalist Business.
My main life goal is the spread of collective consciousness through thought, meditation, action and even business. I follow the 80/20 rule. I volunteer 20% of my time to serve humanity, NPO’s, small business start-ups and those who really have no idea on the Digital World.

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