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Search Engine Optimisation Marketing Australia (SEO).

Search Engine Optimisation Marketing (SEO).

Returns on Your Marketing Investment.

I will endeavor to return your inquiry as soon as possible. I might be on site on a client’s Safari Lodge, a wildlife photography tour as a guide, in another country on a special project, in transit or volunteering at Evanjáfrica in Mozambique.

Current clients can contact my support here and will receive immediate attention.

New clients are only taken on once I have conducted a personal review of your business needs. Please allow a week for the analysis and feedback.

I do take on small business clients who are in desperate need as a community service. This includes not for profits and charities. Please contact me here.

The African Digital Volunteer Army, Giving Rural Africans a digital voice, this project will be up and running while traveling around Southern Africa.

Volunteers required in Sydney.

Our Big Kitchen
Chapel by The Sea

Search Engine Optimisation Marketing Australia (SEO).
+27 21 788 1899
27 60 904 5988

I am a Conscious Capitalist Business.
My main life goal is the spread of collective consciousness through thought, meditation, action, and even business. I follow the 80/20 rule. I volunteer 20% of my time to serve humanity, NPO’s, small business start-ups and those who really have no idea on the Digital World.

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